abde Business Consulting

Our story

abde Business Consulting, is a company which specialises since 2005 in outsourced Research and Development across multiple sectors and disciplines. We operate both in Spain and internationally (UK, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy and Mexico).

Since 2010, we are designing and delivering IT solutions to the European Institutions such as the European Commission and Parliament, the European Investment Bank or Eurocontrol.

We offer a different perspective on how the role of consultant should be carried out.

Why Choose Us

Founding Concept

abde Business Consulting was founded in 2005 by Engineers with a consultancy background.

Our mission as abde Business Consulting, is to provide consultants with a company whose method takes care of their professional interests. Our main aim is to motivate and hire the best engineers in order to satisfy our most demanding clients.

How we operate

abde Business Consulting provides support to the economy’s main players, offering them knowledge and control in the execution of their projects and their ongoing search for innovation.

Our engineers and consultants are present at each stage of the project’s life cycle: from it’s inception through to the delivery of the final product.

Our vision

Our model favours a personalised management by each of our consultants as well as by managers of a limited number of projects. In this way our availability is guaranteed at the key moments of your professional career.

Our organisation model respects, in accordance with the opportunities, the choice of projects, mobility, training and evolution. This enables us to guarantee our movement towards growth.